Saturday, April 2, 2011

Spend All Sunday at Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

It's been a while for me to visit this place again. Hhmmm ... maybe it more than 3 years since my last visit. Yes, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII) is one of the resorts area in ??East Jakarta, which has an area of ??approximately 250 square kilometers. TMII is one of the cultural park in Indonesia, which have many culture 'collection' of each province in Indonesia, represented by the 'Pavilion' of each province. Also in here you can find many museums, house of worship, as well as the famous Keong Mas Teather and teather Tanah Airku. In the midst of TMII there is a lake that describes the miniature of the Indonesian archipelago.

This time I came here with some of my friends and nephews. Apparently not much has changed from this place. Although I see there are some areas that already looks worn and in need of repair. But also some areas are also have been renovated as well as other new places. We visited several places including the Freshwater Fish Museum and Insect Museum, this so reminds me of my childhood years ago. But the thing that most attracted me here is, when we were heading out of TMII, and passed through the place of worship area, I saw there was a new magnificent building with the red dominant color.

Apparently the new building is called Kong Miao, which is a place of worship for people of Confucius. Houses of worship consists of 3 buildings, the first is a place to pray to the one and olny God, this building form a perfect circle. The second building, the largest and consists of 2 floors is as a place to worship to the Prophet Khongcu (Confucius). Building the third is to pray to the saint, or better known here as the gods and goddesses. I really admire the architecture of this house of worship, because the design is really detailed and full of meaning.

We had taken a lot of photos in this complex. So did the other visitors. But unfortunately, a lot of visitors who stop by here, assume that the Kong Miao is one of the Pavilion, not the House of Worship, so they look less appreciate of this place. Seen from the way they climb the statues here. Even now, the place of worship to the Prophet Khongcu room has been locked on weekdays because of some visitor once, climbed up to the altar to take pictures next to the Confucius statue (this story I got from one of the officers here). It is an act which is very not commendable.

Well, whatever our religion, we should respect other religions and also their house of worship. Except the local visitors, Kong Miao is also visited by a lot of tourists from abroad. Hopefully in the future there will be more and more interesting places in TMII to visit.


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