Saturday, April 16, 2011

Health is a Wondeful Gift

Health is the greatest treasure for all humans. Well, it seems that expression is true. In addition to the greatest treasure, it's also the most beautiful gift from God. Indeed, we're just consider it's good to be healthy after we feel the pain (of illness). Yep, 'it happened that' I've just recovered from my illness that requires me a full bed rest for 1 week, and had also felt the 'cold' of the hospital mattress. Certainly, it's not a pleasant experience, but at least I just want to share with all of you my friends about the importance to keep our body healthy.

Maybe without me knowing it, the sickness I suffered was as result of one of my favorite, that eating spicy foods and mutton. Indeed craze that brought 'suffer' if it is too much. At first I thought my illness was hemorrhoid symptoms. After I checked with a clinic doctor, she says so. So I was given a standard medicine for hemorrhoid treatment. But after a few days, the symptoms that I suffered even worse. And for the next 2 days, I can not defecate, and also (sorry) farting, so that my stomach feels full, congested, and also hard.

Fortunately there's my mom, with a quick 'emergency response'. She immediately took me to the nearest hospital. Arriving at this hospital, I was immediately taken to the emergency unit, and immediately received first aid from a doctor. After examined, the doctor said that this was not a hemorrhoid, but inflammation of my colon. Fortunately after a while, I am allowed to go home.

I was not immediately recovered after that treatment in the hospital. It took about 3 more days to recover.
That's why, I couldn't reply all of your visit my fellow bloggers.
Health is the greatest treasure for humans, and keep this most beautiful gift from God. One more thing, Healthy is expensive, but if we are sick, it would be much more expensive. So, keep Healthy, don't forget to exercise, and eat healthy foods.


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