Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Thai Food - Sour, Spicy, Delicious

This month is a special month for me, because in addition to the early years, many of my friends from overseas came to visited me here. And I also want to say Happy Chinese New Year, wish you all have a prosperity year ahead. This time I was invited by my friends to have a taste of the typical dishes from Thailand. One of the Thai restaurant is located in Benton Juction precisely in Karawaci Tangerang have a unique name, 'Thai Grasshopper'. This restaurant provides 2 seperated seats, the outdoor seat for smoking area and also indoors. Well, because we have 10 people, so we prefer indoor seats because the desk can be aranged together.

At the first time, I got confused when I read all the menus here, because I am still not familiar with the names of these Thai cuisine. Then, one of my friend recommends me the pineapple fried rice, it tastes very good. But I want to order another menu. Finally, my choice fell on one of the menu of this restaurant recommendations, the Pad Thai. For the drinks, I ordered strawberry juice mixed with other fruits so that the taste becomes sweet and sour fresh.

Finally, the menu that we've ordered come, Pad Thai is a kind of noodles with meat and tofu and the grated carrots and bean sprouts on top. It was also has a very unique taste but delicious. While my friends were enjoying their Tom Yam soup, a sour and spicy taste that gives a different impression on your tongue. We really spent the time with joy in this place, because it's very rare that we can spend
time together.

Time passed by and we've been here for more than 2 hours, and it's time to return home. When we went out, we found that the scene in Benton Junction at night was very beautiful. Ranging from decorative lights hanging from the trees, like white rain falling from the trees. And also there's a variety of entertainment provided by the manager. In addition, this area also as an international area, because
a lot of tourists who visit this place to eat and relax.


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