Sunday, February 20, 2011

Kawali, Sundanese Restaurant

After exactly 3 months working in his new office, my friend took me to have dinner at a Sundanese restaurant. This is a tradition for us if got a job or who got promotions at work. The Sundanese restaurant that we were headed is located in Cikokol, Tangerang named Kawali. This is my first time to visit this restaurant. From the building had already indicated that this is a typical Indonesian restaurant, and also the atmosphere inside is very contrary to the current traffic in front of this restaurant.

When we walked inside, your ear will spoiled with typical Sundanese musical. And also many other ornaments that make this restaurant looks unique and interesting. We walked on to the gazebo located behind the restaurant. The atmosphere around this gazebo looks beautiful, because a lot of shady trees, and also a fish pond. The menu offered here are not all typical Sundanese, because this restaurant also offers some seafood cuisine. While waiting for our menus, we do not forget to take our photos and also joking around.

After waiting about 15 minutes, the menu are ready to served. But unfortunately, the food taste in here is just 'standard', not as special as the atmosphere here. But still, since it's already ordered, we cleaned all of the food. Well, I guess the right time to eat in this gazebo area is at late afternoon, because the weather is not too hot, and breeze also will make you comfortable. As the evening come,
so many mosquitoes have come out, and that disrupt our comfort, so we had to go home. Well, you'll never lose to try a new place with some new experiences.


  1. The place really looks interesting; it's a pity that the food taste is just standard. They should get better chef :)

  2. I like the idyllic resort feel of this restaurant but too bad the food isn't delicious.

    - Soccer WAGs


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