Sunday, January 16, 2011

Holiday to Dago, Bandung

The most fun stuff to do on the weekends is having a vacation. Yep, this time I was with my friends had our holiday to the city of Bandung in West Java, Indonesia. Our purpose is simple only, which is a culinary tour (as usual) and also shopping, because here too there are many factory outlets (FO). We set off on Saturday by car. Unfortunately, some of my friends could not participate due to personal reasons, beside we needed a replacement driver for this far trip. Well, the show must go on, so we set off in the morning, even though I was a little bit hesitant with my friend's car owner, because he has not been too smooth to drive a car specially for long distances. Fortunately, with careful driving, we were all safely arrived in Bandung.

You know, this holiday is really unique, because none of us who understand the ins and outs of this city. We only relied on my friend's GPS to find a location. The first location that we aim at is a place to eat in the street the Riau. Here we found a small restaurant that serves Iga Bakar Special, which has the slogan 'best number 2 in the world'. This slogan is unique, because usually a slogan always want to be the number 1. Apparently it is true, the taste of its baked ribs 'just right' to be the number 2 in the world. But with the price offered, the restaurant is arguably a bit expensive. Because five of us with a standard ordering menu, spent more than Rp. 250.000,- ($ 27.7).

Iga Bakar Special with Soup

After filling our stomach, we went straight to the parking lot to shop. Since it's difficult to find a parking in the FO, so we parked our car inside the BIP. After that we explored every FO near by. One by one starting from the cheap until the price is rather expensive. Fortuitously, I have some shirts that fit me in a FO named Heritage. The prices in this place is also not too expensive, and they have very unique design with waterfalls as high as approximately 5 feet are in this FO. Feeling a little tired, I ended up waiting for my friend who was shopping while enjoying the durian ice cream. It was very tasty and the price is also not too expensive, only Rp. 7000,- ($ 0.77).

Because it was late, so we need to find a hotel for overnight. Here we found a hotel called Karmila with the rental price for a standard room (twin beds) of Rp. 340 000, - ($ 37.7), per night. After a shower and rested for a while we soon find a place for dinner. Apparently at Dago Plaza lot of street singers who are singing in a unique way. They use a variety of costumes, ranging from cartoon characters, princesses, until the ghost costume. Because the dining area on the Plaza pretty full so we searched elsewhere and found a restaurant that serves Sate as their main menu. The Food in this restaurant also pretty tasty, specially with the Lamb Sate and the price is quite cheap, but I do not remember the name of the restaurant.

Lamb Sate

Our adventures continue with the hiring of a public transportation toward Cihampelas. Unfortunately, we arrived here too late, many shops had closed. So we only got to go to some shops were still open, unfortunately we didn't find any clothes that fit for us. So we decided to go back to the hotel and rest. Tomorrow morning after checking out, we walked slowly to around Gedung Sate area, looking at existing street market, and also stopped at an outlet that has been open since 7:30 am. We also shop again a few shirts and pants and do not forget to enjoy the fresh 'ice candles' that are sold in front of this FO. After all done, we went home, to avoid congestion.


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