Tuesday, January 11, 2011

4 Signs Your Bedroom Needs a Make-under

The bedroom is supposed to be where you relax, unwind, and get a good night's sleep. But with today's multitasking lives, your bedroom could be collecting more clutter than hours of beauty rest. Here's how to determine if your space needs simplifying — plus solutions to nix the clutter.

1. Problem: Your TV rules the bedroom.
Solution: As severe as it may sound, a television doesn't belong in a well-ordered bedroom. It brings with it remote controls, DVDs, cords, and other mess-producing items that counter the main purposes of the room. Bedrooms should be a cozy space for decompressing, like this serene master bedroom by designer Ginger Barber.

2. Problem: Your closet door won't shut.
Solution: It's time to start editing. Expert organizer Julie Morgenstern recommends first starting on paper. Ask yourself, "What are my favorite clothes?" When considering what to toss, refer to your list. If you're still afraid to get rid of items, ask yourself these questions: "Do I love it? Is it flattering? Is it the image I want to project?" If it's a "yes" to all three, then it's a keeper. Donate the castoffs to a favorite charity.

3. Problem: Your nightstand is piled sky-high with books.
n: You've been meaning to read those magazines and last week's paper, but you've just been too tired at night to crack one open. The answer? Since you can only read one thing at a time, that's the number of publications that should be in your bedroom. Keep the rest organized in your library or living room with a magazine rack or bookshelf.

4. Problem: Your smartphone is your alarm.
: If you're checking e-mail before you doze off, you'll be fretting about the next day's meetings instead of drifting off to sleep with sweet dreams. In addition, the light emitted from these devices can also contribute to keeping you awake at night. Banish phones and laptops to a home office, and soon you'll be snoozing soundly.

Do you think your home could use a makeunder?

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  1. hi..thanks for sharing this article..
    really appreciated

  2. I have a tv tucked into a corner of my room. My bedroom is ruled by my craft desk and bookshelves, but there is no where else in the house to put them.

  3. Well, I know it's a little bit hard to re-arrange the bed room. the same like mine, I have so many stuff in my small room, so it's quite mess... :)


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