Thursday, December 23, 2010

Visit Herzogenaurach, Germany 2010

After a while, finally I could visit this country again. Yes, one of my favorite countries, Germany. At first I was worried about the weather there, because it is currently winter, and my friend who was already been there said that it was very cold, the temperatures can dropped to -10C with snow were scattered everywhere.
Hearing this, of course I had to prepare everything well. Starting from a thick jacket, sweater, scarf, hat 'skullcaps', gloves and underwear (long john), do not forget medications and vitamins to maintain health.

I left in early December yesterday, with route Jakarta-Singapore-Frankfurt-Nuremberg using Singapore Airlines. This route is the same as last year, because there are no direct flights from Jakarta to Germany by using this airline.
However, I really enjoy using this airline, because many of my friends told me that this airline is one of the major airlines and the best in the world, and it was true. Starting from service to facilities all are very good and complete (although the pricing is more expensive than other airlines, but it's all worth in my opinion).

But I am a little late at the airport in Frankfurt, because the plane that led to Nuremberg was delayed, so I still had time to enjoy a cup of coffee at the airport with a discount coin that I got when I checked in. After waiting about 40 minutes, finally I can get into the plane. The journey from Frankfurt to Nuremberg takes about 45 minutes. When I arrived in Nuremberg airport I was a little surprised with my baggage, the key combination on my luggage was damaged aka burglarized. So I checked all my things inside, but it seems nothing's missing. Maybe it only complains for airport security check of the party.

Exiting the airport, I was greeted with cold air and a thin snow. Time temperature was around -2C. I immediately look for a taxi to take me to the hotel. Unfortunately, the taxi drivers can not speak English, so I can not chat during the way to hotel. The hotel I which I stayed was practically very nice. A 4 star hotel called Ramada, located in Herzogenaurach. The facilities at this hotel is quite complete and the size of the rooms for single bed is also quite extensive.
Of course, because it was entering the month of December, the Christmas atmosphere here is very thick, even in whole Germany. I even can not wait to enjoy the typical German food, beer and wine with its delicious taste.

However, because the air outside the pretty cold, so I did not do a lot of outdoor activities. Just took some pictures and playing with snow. BEcause when I went here last year, the snow was not much as today.
Although my visit this time is not too long, but I would use this opportunity as best as I could. Apparently the hotel is also adjacent to Adidas headquarters, and also close to the Adidas Factory Outlet. Many places impressed me here.

Well, in my first day here, I spent my time to rest, because the schedule for the next day was full. Well, it because my travel this time is pure for business. Although it's only a few days in Herzo, but I will take this advantage as best as I can. Starting from the main battle the snow, a visit to his favorite restaurant and a walk in the park around the hotel, although cold, This time, this place was very beautiful. Especially with a lot of Christmas decorations on the street and at homes. It's really an unforgettable experience.
Looks like I wrote long enough, so I will end this up to here. But don't worry, I will share my another experience in another city later on.


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