Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas at Munich

The Christmas decoration at hotel
This December, I had the opportunity to visited Munich city in Germany. Since my arrival in this city, the Christmas atmosphere was very thick, has a lot of Christmas decorations everywhere. Of course with the snow everywhere. This is my first experience of enjoying a white Christmas. I then went straight to the hotel where I will stay. A 4 star hotel named NH hotel, located on the outskirts of Munich. When entering this hotel, the atmosphere of Christmas has been very pronounced, ranging from Christmas tree complete with lights until the other decorations around the room.

After checking in, I continue the journey with a few friends headed downtown to look for lunch. Here we found a restaurant serving typical German cuisine and visited by a lot of visitors. Maybe because when we came it's already in lunch hour. One thing that is always the same, a big sausage menu on the pile of salad, or a type of steak with potato dumplings come with a bowl of salad. The special thing of salad in many European countries, is that they always serve it with vinegar acid, it's a little bit different from many restaurant in Asia.

At the evening, we visited a Christmas market in this city. Christmas market here is very crowded, so many stores selling Christmas ornaments and decorations, souvenirs as well as bread and beer which are served in shoe shaped glasses. And also there's a giant Christmas tree which full decorated with lights and knick-knacks which add to the beauty of this market. Today also the special day for this city, beause it's became the host of the Champions League match. So many supporters who wore full soccer attributes walk through this market, and not a few of them were drunk because they drank too much beer.

the Christmas market

I was lucky, because today the weather is pretty friendly, as the temperature is warm which is 6 degrees Celsius. We enjoyed dinner at Hofbräu restaurant. All food in this restaurant are very delicious. We also ordered each 1 liter of beer 'original taste' of Bavarian. While you enjoyed the food and beverage, there are live music and traditional dance performance provided by this restaurant.
Amazingly, the majority of visitors here are international guests, many of them are from Korea, Japan, and China.

After had a good dinner, we rushed back to the hotel to had some rest. The next day the temperature got dropped, to -3 degrees Celsius. All areas, including roads were getting white again. Although it's cold, but it makes a very beautiful scenery. Honestly, I really enjoyed the breeze in this country, because the air is very clean and fresh, coupled with the snow scenery everywhere that I can not find in my home town, it was incredible ..! Well, I guess that would be all my journey in the city of Munich this year, because that very afternoon I had to go back to the airport for returning home. Although it's just a short trip, but it's really an unforgettable moments.


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