Saturday, June 26, 2010

Spend the Weekend at Tanjung Pasir

Spending the weekend with friends is really exciting, especially after a full week of routine work which sometimes makes you tired.
This weekend, me and my friends decided to visit Tanjung Pasir in Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia. Because we haven't visited this place for a while.
Although Tanjung Pasir is not a beautiful beach, but you can enjoy the sea breeze with a coconut ice drink, it's really an incomparable pleasure ... :)

On the way, when we approached the village of Tanjung Pasir, we saw a place for recreation which still quite new named Tanjung Pasir Resort.
So we decided to visit this place for the first time.
To get into this beautiful place is free. This tourism area is very extensive, approximately 30 hectares, and has a lot of pond fishing.
For fishing in this place is also free, you are only charged for the fish you've caught. Cost per Kilogram starts from Rp. 60 000 to Rp. 100 000 (rate : $1 = Rp. 9000), depending on the type of fish you get. They also provide some fishing tools for rent for visitors who didn't bring their fishing equipment.

Although this place is still new, but the scenery in this tourist area it is very beautiful, clean and neat. Moreover during our visit, the wind was blowing pretty strong, so it made a cool and comfortable atmosphere. It really made us feel at home here. Not forgetting my colleagues, they took a lot of photos in this area, and the result was incredible good, because there's a reliable photographer here ... :)
I also asked the officer here about more information from this place, We were advised to visit Pulau Anggrek (Orchid Island ) if we want to held an event in more personal, because this island has an exclusive area and beautiful scenery.

We rushed to Pulau Anggrek, which located on the fishing pond of approximately 3 hectares. At the entrance to this island there are some ornaments which remind you of Bali island, which definitely will keep you enthralled. Here, I met the officer who gave me details information about this place. He said that there's no charge for using this place, you are only charged for the cost of the buffet which start from Rp. 100000-250000 / pax. Pulau Anggrek is also able to accommodate about 300 people. We were also invited to visit private area on the second floor. From here you can see to all over direction, including the sea behind the hotel.

After spent some time in this place, we continued our journey to Tanjung Pasir. Approximately 15 minutes later we're arrived at this beach.
Costs imposed on us is Rp. 30,000 for 8 persons + car parking, not too expensive in my opinion.
We rushed to the beach to feel the fresh sea breeze. Unfortunately, this day the wave is pretty strong, so not many visitors who crossed to the other islands nearby. We headed for the nearest shop to enjoy fresh coconut ice drink. The price of a coconut ice drink only Rp. 6000, plus a fresh breeze, and cozy atmosphere, made me feel relaxed and refreshed. It is an inexpensive way to release stress.


  1. thanks for visit me my friend.. kapan2 maen ke sana ah....

  2. Thanks for your folower ... me too


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