Saturday, June 12, 2010

Meet Byron Kelleher

A few days ago, the world famous Rugby player, Byron Kelleher visited Indonesia for charity activities.
During the time of his visit, he came to stop by to my office.
This thing could happen, because the player who get an exclusive contract from adidas wanted to know how to manufacture the shoes that he wore,
at a time to meet some of his fans here.
Of course this makes us busy, but delighted to welcome the world's top player.

Byron who has 175 cm height, and weight 95 kg does look big and scary, but behind it all he was a friendly and nice person.
We also gave him a pair of shoes which specially designed for him and asked him to wore it.
He also signed a few posters of himself when he was joined in the All Black team, and also not forget
to signed the flag banner of New Zeland as a support to the land of his birth in the World Cup.

We conducted him to a little tour in our factory to showed him some facilities here.
When he came to my work area, he was immediately greeted with great fanfare by my teammates.
We're doing some pictures together, and also have a small chit-chat talking about the world cup.
He also gave his signature to all team members.

Although it's just a brief visit, but this was very meaningful for us specially for his biggest fans.
Even though Rugby is still less popular here, but did not dampen his intention to do charity activity here.
Hopefully we gave him a good impression during his visit, so that one day in the future he can visit us again.
Truly a rare experience, and I am lucky to have experienced it... :)


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