Sunday, October 9, 2011

FORNAS - The National Recreation Sport Festival

Yesterday, my frinds took me to Senayan, Jakarta. They wanted to visit the FORNAS event (The National Recreation Sport Festival).
When we arrived, it was hard for us to find an empty parking slot, so we decided to park our car at GBK Stadium.

I never imagine that this even will be so crowded by people. There's a lot of tends for each recreation sport category. And also some tends and stands that offer you Indonesian traditional foods and fresh drinks.
Some of the sports are: Tai Chi, Kite, Street Basketball, Futsal, Roller skates, Lion Dance, and many more.

The one that interested me was the Lion Dance, which is known as 'Barongsay'. This Lion Dance competition was participated by 25 teams from nation wide, which is amazing.

But I couldn't watched the entire competition, since we have to go back before evening. Although the weather was pretty hot yesterday, but I did enjoy the festival.

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