Monday, September 19, 2011

Adsense Blocked My Account (Again)

Yes, it's true. This 'shocking' tragedy was Happened last Thursday. When I checked my adsense account in the evening, like always, and suddenly in the welcome screen showed 'your account has been disabled'. I was very surprised and stunned for a while until I finally realized that my account had been blocked for the second time.

My first account was closed by adsense because it used a language that is 'not registered' yet in adsense. This I can understand, then I made my second account, which is this account. So far so good, after I received this closing information by adsense makes me wonder, because the e-mail from adsense mentioned that I was doing illegal click. Though I have never done this, in other words, I never click any ads on my own blog. And as you can guess, I lost my entire income by reason that they will be returned to the advertiser.

It is very unfortunate. Is this what adsense doing because last August I have managed to achieve my minimum payout? In fact, this is the moment that I've been waiting for almost 2 years since I made this account. But when I will receive my payment this month, all by sudden, adsense closed my account just like that.

Honestly, this thing makes me down to continuing my blog. Moreover, I had an accident last Saturday, where my right hand exposed to chemical cleaning fluid, so my fingers sore and swollen (so I just manage to make this post right now, although still not 100% healed) it really completes my misery.

I just hope that all my friends did not experience any of this, and this would never be happened again to me.


  1. It means that there's someone or more have clicked too much ads in your blog. That's why google also banned my account. Just like you, I also have reached the minimum payout...

  2. keep the spirit guys. my account has been banned more than 4x. and now I also started from scratch .... : D

  3. I got blocked too, but this seems a valid alternative:


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