Friday, November 19, 2010

Traditional Drinks 'Selendang Mayang'

Well, it's about 2 months since I didn't update my blog. Understandably, today, more and more activities that I should do.
I got a little surprised today, when I opened my blog, do you know why? Because after a period of inactivity,
my blog's Pagerank even increased to 3. Unbelievable...

This time My article is about a traditional culinary drinks from the town of Tangerang. It happened when I visited this city,
My friend took me to it's place to taste this ice drinks.
This traditional drink called ice 'Selendang Mayang'.

These days, this kind of drink is very rarely sold, because it may have been replaced with another modern drinks.
This drink is made from coconut juice mix with sugar and also there are some pieces of 'cake' made from rice flour.
It was so refreshing. Especially if you enjoy this drink in the middle of hot day, definitely suitable to quench your thirst.

The price for a bowl of this iced drinks are very cheap, only Rp. 3000 ($ 0.4) you can enjoy a refreshing drink.
No wonder, with the taste of sweet and fresh, this drinks can lure buyers from many places.
it's quite a lot also of those who use a luxury car to buy this drink. You can enjoy your drink while sitting in a
seat that has been provided, or sitting on the edge of the pavement, and some other are enjoying it in the car whit their mate.

This really makes me salute, because traditional drinks to survive until now, even quite popular among the high class people.
Once satisfied enjoying this delicious beverage, we were back on our activities with full of enthusiasm.


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