Saturday, May 29, 2010

Taman Sengkaling, Malang, Indonesia

Spent the weekend visiting the theme park was very relaxing. Especially after a week full of work that makes you tired.
This time I was with some colleagues visited a theme park in the Tourism area of Sengkaling Malang, East Java.

Admission price is fairly cheap, especially if your friend paid it for you, it would be awesome...

In this Park there are lots of shady trees that made the atmosphere cool. We also visited a fish pond for Arapaima gigas which is located near the entrance door.
It was said that this fish is the largest freshwater fish in the world that comes from South America. This fish can grow up to 3 meters long with a weight reaches 200

After passing through this pool, you can down the stairs to visit the public swimming pool. There is also the lion's den near the playground.
The playground here is quite comfort. Luckily, when we came the situation here was not too crowded.

We continued our footsteps passing through the bridge over the Brantas river. The river which divides the city of Malang has a fairly strong currents.
Even so, the scenery in this river is also beautiful ... Especially when you're listening to the sound of it's flow... Extraordinary ...

In addition, there is a four-dimensional cinema, a restaurant on the boat, astray park, and even a games for outdoor activity.

There are some students from primary schools that are undergoing an outdoor game with their teachers.
Quite fun to watched them play with mud and swinging on flying fox. In fact, there's also a horse riding around the park.

After walking around the park, I found a nice cool seat to unwind while enjoying an ice cream that I bought. The food prices here is not too
expensive. Moreover, the situation of the gardens are nice and clean enough to make you relax.

At noon we were looking for food in the cafeteria near the fish pond. We enjoy the coffee milk, while accompanied by nice music.

But we couldn't spent our time much longer here, because at noon we had to return to the airport to flight home ...

Truly extraordinary day to release the stress in your head ...

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