Saturday, April 24, 2010

Visiting Kota Lama, Malang, East Java

Last week I had 3 days off from work to visit one of my colleague in Kota Lama, Malang.
His mother was passed away a week before.
I went there with 3 of my friends to say our condolence, and would stay there for 3 days.

We took the last flight from Jakarta and arrived in Malang at 4 PM. The flight took approximately 1 and a half hours.
Abdul Rachman Saleh is the name of Malang's airport. It's just a small airport which located within the Malang air force army area.
After we have our luggages, we booked the airport taxi.

The taxi fare to the Old Town is only Rp 75,000. In a way we could stop at Gundhul, which is Malang Meatballs restaurant. The taste of the meatballs was very great, delicioso........ no wonder this place is crowded by it's customers.
After finished our meatballs, we continued our journey towards Kota Lama. We arrived at 'the funeral home' at dusk.

After we met with our friend and gave our condolence, we decided to find a hotel, and anyway it was a little late.

Fortunately there are several hotels in Kota Lama area, we simply walked a few hundred meters, and found a pretty good hotel. So we decided to stay here.
The room rates per night for a VIP room for only Rp. 200,000, with facilities: air conditioners, hot water for shower, TV and breakfast.

After resting, we walked around the Kota Lama and looking for some dinner. There is a very famous temple in Kota Lama, which is named Eng An Kiong.

We had dinner at a Chinese restaurant not far from the temple. Although it's a small restaurant, but the food taste is very delicious.
So the next day we decided to do a culinary tour in this city.

The next morning, we went to our friend's house to escort him to the crematorium. The location is quite far from Kota Lama, because it is located in Batu tourist area (approximately 1 hour drive).

The weather was very cool with very beautiful scenery.

At noon we were invited to eat at a restaurant called Gang DJangkrik. As you might expect, taste of food in this restaurant is also very delicious (the price also equal to the restaurants in Jakarta). Apparently this restaurant is very famous in Malang, even they have a branch in Surabaya.
In the afternoon we went to visit Malang Town Square to find a snack and then we had dinner at a restaurant with a main menu Sate and Curried Goat.

It's really an extraordinary day ... due in 3 days my weight increased 2 kg (so I need to do my diet again...).

Indeed, the city of Malang is very suitable for culinary tourism, because there are many delicious food here and also its cool weather that makes you feel comfortable.

Well, the experience on the third day I will continue later ... :)
Enjoy your day ...


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