Saturday, December 26, 2009

Puncak, Bogor : The Favorite Place for Holiday

What are you gonna do for this long holiday ?
well, Puncak still the best place to go for holiday... Specially for Jakarta villagers.

It was located in Cianjur, Bogor, West Java. Just 2 hours by car from Jakarta

The view was very great. Specially if you like country side & mountain view.

The weather was very cool, just arround 15 C.

The best place for your family.

Nice place to spend you holiday here. And you also can try many cheap food here, from vegetables, fruit, candy, etc.

Well, just want to say... Have a very great Holiday... and Happy new year 2010.

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  1. my favorit place in holiday is my bed ...
    alias molor .. zzz...zzz...zzzz...


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