Tuesday, November 10, 2009

's Baggers, Restaurant with 'Rollercoaster'

Last month, my friend invited me for dinner in a restaurant called 's Baggers. This restaurant was located in the outskirts of Nuremberg, Germany.
This restaurant looks like a shirt shop from the front, because there were some banners above the entrance door with so many t-shirts pictures.
When I got inside, I found so many T-shirts hung in a display area. The T-Shirts were sold for the costumers as a souvenir.

The waiter greeted us with friendly, and she gave us the 'resto card' with the instruction paper. Frankly, I was confused by all this things, especially when I entered the restaurant area on the 2nd floor. Lots of round table with the rails in the center similar like the roller-coaster tracks. At first I thought it was just decoration, but I was wrong.

My friend explained how to order food here, because he quite often visiting this restaurant.
He took the slide- tv screen on the table, then he inserted his 'resto card' in the 'card place' next to the monitor.
Select your table number (as we sat by a number), each number has a different color, this color is used to distinguish your order. I just realized that to ordered food here we used the online monitor, so no need to call a servant. You just need to press the 'touch screen' to select all the menu you like. Everything's there, started from the name of food, pictures of food, price, number of orders, dessert & drinks, even the total of your bill can be seen on the monitor. Amazing.........

After observed the menu, I immediately ordered some foods and drinks. Just for information, all the drinks here are beer, coke and wine, so all were served from the bottle.
For glasses, plates, spoons, and others can be found on the middle of the table.
After waiting for a while, my drink comes first. This's surprising me up... The food & drink sending process from the kitchen to the customers is using the roller-coaster tracks.
Wow... Amazing.................

Everything rolled from the kitchen which is located on the top floor to our table, according to it's number and color table who ordered. No food or drink got spilled, because they're packed with so well. Even sometimes they put some fireworks on our food as a decoration.
Not just the place and the decorations were great, the food taste was pretty good too. Especially if you visit this restaurant in the summer, you can have your meals outside while you can enjoy the warm night air.
Unfortunately, when I visited this place, it's already winter and snow has started to fall, so it's not possible to eat outside the restaurant.

It's been 2 hours I enjoyed my dinner here. Enjoying a variety of Germany's foods, from the main menu until the delicious dessert. They also played some music from the big TV screen.
After finished with all of our food, then we headed to the cashier and handed our 'resto card'. The cashier scanned our cards, so they would know the food we have ordered and also the bill which we have to pay.
Amazing, all the process were done automatically. But to clean up the table, they still do it manually by a waiter.

I really have a great dinner. I was amazed by this restaurant and hopefully I could visit this restaurant again one day.


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