Thursday, December 8, 2011

Mood Enhancing Herbal Products

Running daily routine sometimes it's very saturated. But we must remain passionate to get through it. Sometimes, with a solid routine, our bodies require extra nutrients or vitamins for endurance. But what about the mood or mind?

If the body needs vitamins, then the mind will also need to 'nutrients' to re-excited mood. One example is the enhancers or aroma therapy. In fact, there're such things as Party enhancer used in pubs to keep Their visitor's fine mood, so, they Will keep excited over the night. There's so many of them which been used by people, but one the well known is the K6 herbal incense.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Lunch in Roppan

Weekend has arrived, it's time to hang out with friends.
This time I was with my friends visiting a big mall to search and checking price of new android phone.
After a while, we felt hungry and it's time for us to have lunch.

We saw a fairly attractive stall named 'Roppan' so we wanted to try the menu here.
This stall offers a wide range of menus, ranging from bread with ice cream toppings, Udon, rice and also some typical drinks of this stall.


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