Saturday, August 14, 2010

Nasi Bakar (Roasted Rice)

Again, my article is about culinary. This time I headed to a food stall selling Nasi Bakar.
Nasi Bakar Winni, so the name of this food stall, located in Tangerang - Banten, precisely on Jalan KH. Soleh Ali No. 5.
It's not a big stall, but being on the edge of the highway and also around hawker centers was an advantage.

The Nasi Bakar here has two flavors, Nasi Bakar with chicken and Nasi Bakar with Fish. This time I tried to have nasi bakar with fish, because I think this fish is tasty. After waiting a few moments, my nasi bakar arrived. Wrapped in banana leaves, making sense of smell more flavorful. I soon open the banana leaf wrap and found white rice flavored with basil leaves and various other spices. Portions are also quite suitable, not too big nor too small.

Apparently the smell is not deceptive, the rice was very tasty roasted, and best eaten with pickled cucumber.
Although it is quite simple, ie, only rice, fried anchovies, basil and cayenne pepper and also added some secret ingredient (the salesman said) it's very special. Moreover, the price is not expensive, only Rp. 7000,- per serving ($ 0.80). So I would have another nasi bakar with chicken to take home, which turned out it was just as good.

In addition to selling the nasi bakar, the shop also sells Winni chicken noodles, vermicelli soup, and others. The prices of food and other beverages is still very affordable. Besides selling Nasi bakar in this stall, they also accept orders for catering, wedding receptions and anniversary events. They also accept orders pastries and birthday cakes. Anyway, very cool ... so complete...

So fo all of you who likes the culinary and looking for some good food, I recommend this food stall to visit. Operational hours starting from 9 o'clock in the morning until 6 o'clock in the evening. So who wants to try to please come ...
Wait for my next culinary sensation ... :)

Monday, August 2, 2010

Cheap Food, Fun Weekend

As usual, things that I and my friends do on weekends is hanging around and searching for a food or a tasty snack.
I don't mean to be arrogant, but it is our hobby, and anyway could be a good way for releasing stress.
For this time, we're celebrating our two friend's birthdays, so we went looking for a new place to eat with a cheap price at but delicious in taste.

One of our friends suggested to try D'Cost, because he once ate there and the price is fairly cheap enough. (Sorry this is not intended or other promotion, but simply sharing my personal experience only).
We immediately headed to the region of Serpong in Tangerang, and after arriving at the spot, we were lucky because there are four empty tables. Usually this place is very crowded on weekends, so you have to queue up just to get a table.

After getting a table, we were immediately ordered the food. Indeed the price of the foods offered here is quite cheap (but not including VAT 10%). The one that made me suprise is the price of rice per serving is only Rp. 1500, - and you can add more as much as you like. Likewise with fresh tea drinks. After sorting through the food to be ordered, we finally make a choice. We ordered quite a lot of food, from shrimp, fish, chicken, squid, until the vegetables.

After waiting about 15 minutes, the food we ordered had arrived. Well, here the surprise begins. I was surprised by the portion of the food served. No wonder the food prices was fairly cheap, apparently the portion that is presented is not much. Unlike at other restaurants, which use a large plate for serving the food. In this restaurant the food served using a small plate with a portion of more or less only for 2 people.

Because food that our ordered out in a one-time 'snap', so we did order a second. But still, some of us feel not satisfied with the portion served. Total price of food that we ordered about Rp. 500 000 for 15 people, which I think the same price if compared with other restaurant. So I think this restaurant is suitable for you if you eat with slightly of people, maybe max 4 people. Because if in a large group like ours, the result will not be the maximum...

Because we were not enjoying our lunch that much so need another entertainment, and luckily the location is close to the Teras Kota Serpong, so we stopped by in Blitzmegaplex to watch movies that are aired. So the result is, all pleased, all happy...


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